BAYC at Sotheby's, Loot, Tether Canada ban + 8VC's Joe Lonsdale: Palantir, China, Cicero | E1278

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00:00 Jason intros the show – Guest Joe Lonsdale
1:42 News – $19M Bored Ape Yacht Club bid on Sotheby’s & the Loot NFT collection
09:46 Silicon Valley Bank – Banking & financial services for entrepreneurs, learn more at
11:07 Tether banned from Canadian exchanges
18:44 RealGoodFoods – Go to and use code TWIST for $15 off!
19:53 Interview – Joe Lonsdale
22:35 Why Joe is optimistic
30:24 What’s going on in China
36:51 Vanta – Get get $1,000 off automating your SOC 2
38:15 Joe’s take on Afghanistan
40:30 Palantir & other companies Joe co-founded
48:12 Lessons from building companies
55:10 Challenge trials
1:10:43 California’s decline, Texas
1:13:13 Solutions for healthcare

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Tether me - Galleaux (Tradução/Legendado) Soundtrack Lucifer

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Vanta – Get get $1,000 off automating your SOC 2
RealGoodFoods – Go to and use code TWIST for $15 off!
Silicon Valley Bank – Banking & financial services for entrepreneurs, learn more at

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Como configurar dispositivos TP-Link en la APP Tether

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  • Cool cast. Fantastic Guest. His focus is on using business for tangible solutions.

  • Big Fan! Would love for you to check out the Pakistani startup space, would love to walk you through some of it.

  • Great interview – I never knew who Joe was until today but I know palantir ( rate them highly) – I think Joe and kevin paffrath ( meet kevin) need to do something together .. Similar values and wants for the future of the USA + California ) !! 🍺

  • Joe has scared the shit out of me

  • There is no way Xi Jinping will not try to take Taiwan by 2025. And if he doesn't do it, he'll be deposed

  • Jason – Marvel is already doing NFT comics and collectibles. It's on the VeVe app and on the OMI Blockchain.

  • what if government change was worth it because it is actually a multiplier or change and impact

  • awesome convo

  • Provenance not Providence

  • Check out tacocat

  • Ban, do not ban Tether,it will still appear in the everyday life of Canada sooner or later! It's just a matter of time!

  • This is one of the most disturbing podcasts I have watched in a long-time both Jason and Joe are war-mongers supremos. It's these types of individuals who help the Chinese government to become what it has become.

    If it wasn't for international VC capital China wouldn't have the ability to build or finance its technology-based surveillance systems.

    The only reason Jason now criticizes the "truly horrible Chinese government" is he clearly can't see any new way of making "Green" out of them.

    And what can you say about this creature "Joe Lonsdale" who oozes the language of eugenics and "self privilege" which so many silicon valley right-wingers like him just pours out of their mouths?

    Confront China directly this is an intercontinental nuclear-armed power you must be joking!

  • Please have this guy back on!

  • Great episode Jason

  • Do yourself a favor and listen to this on your headphones. Dont watch it. Two brilliant guys making weird and distracting facial expressions.

  • Funny how the whole crypto market tanked yesterday, but there’s Tether, solidly and unwaveringly sitting at $1 dollar. Not sure you have given the purpose of a stablecoin it’s fair assessment.

  • To hell with the financial system,Fiat money and deposits at 1% per annum! let's live in the modern world! Take Tether(and other cryptocurrencies) as an example,and compare money transfers, banks do it expensive and not fast!

  • 0:24 Jasib says "butt"

  • 5:50 200K for a down payment… for an apartment??? maybe i should stay in the midwest 😅

  • This is great, really, really great interview.

  • Yo it would be so sweet to hear from the lemonade insurance ceo Daniel Schriver. I love that product and might be the future of insurance…

  • Palantir being added to $ARKG from Ark Invest Genomics makes it a Genomics company to me. Very bullish!

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