Altcoins At Risk, But Don't Bet Against Innovation | Altcoin & Bitcoin Analysis

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In this video we analzye altcoin dominance against Bitcoin’s price action to draw insights about where we could see altcoins go in the coming months.

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  • Elon Musc thank you for your time see you here- @

  • Great info!!!

  • i want to invest in eth, as i miss the bus for bitcoin, but i am worry if bitcoin run up again, make altcoin dominance down like last time, eth will suffer or move sideway, i am still questionable should i enter into bitcoin, as all the people seems looking for 100k, 200k or even 400k, however, if there is a bad news in the next 2 week, i think btc will drop rapidly

  • I appreciate macro strategy videos. My belief the biggest driver of price is institution inflows and media narrative/sentiment. Bitcoin is winning hands down on both. Bitcoin is in the news and large institutions are more likely to buy BTC or ETH. Innovation is great but let's not kid ourselves everyone is going to fomo into what's going up (BTC).

  • Please keep doing these videos. They give me the confidence to navigate my first bull run. Can't thank you enough!!

  • amazing vid foster, thanks mate

  • Do you believe Nano has a better shot of being global payment system vs the BTC lightning network?

  • @cryptostackers which ALTs do you hold?

  • Great video!! Thank you alway~~

  • Turn up your sound a little. Thx 😉

  • Very interesting discussion. Thanks. You are really churning these out, recently (in a good way)

  • Great video!

  • Coffee and crypto, great video!

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