$170,000 Digital Artwork SOLD?! NFT Crypto Art, Collectables, and Games

A new way for digital artists and creators to make sustainable income with NFTs!
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SuperRare: https://superrare.co/market
AtomicAssets: https://wax.atomichub.io/
Splinterlands: https://splinterlands.com?ref=ovenrude
*The Splinterlands link is an affiliate code that helps me get free card packs 🙂

This video covers the still somewhat new and extremely interesting world of NFTs. NFT stands for “non-fungible token,” which basically means that the digital items cannot be copied or duplicated in any way within the blockchain network where they live. This allows digital art to become “unique” and “scarce” in a way that it wasn’t able to be in the past.

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NFT les nouveaux crypto kitties ? RARI MEME Axie

I’ll cover 3 primary areas in this video where this technology is utilized. SuperRare is a place to buy fine art NFTs, AtomicAssets has collectable cards, and Splinterlands is a game that utilizes NFTs for the cards you play the game with. This technology could potentially be a game-changer for digital creators, and for that reason, I’m very excited to see how it progresses in the future!

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Cryptokitties: gatinhos digitais custam milhares de dólares

Have any questions about what you’ve seen in the video? Feel free to leave a comment!

Intro – 0:00
SuperRare NFT Marketplace: 1:47
$170,000 NFT Sale: 8:04
AtomicAssets: 9:15
Splinterlands: 14:16
Conclusion and $350,000 Pokemon Card: 16:06

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Matt Borchert

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  • Cyberpunk age is coming!

  • Did you say Pogs? Is that the old toy played by kids in the 90s?

  • Nice, have you heard about FOIL NETWORK and PURE NFTs?

  • synthetic scarcity is dumb. a high percentage of people are dumb. nft will be ok

  • I still don't see why anyone would actually pay anything to get 'that piece of art' since anyone can grab an image (or series of images) and apply a filter over it to change it so it became 'his' work. No one will pay unless you have an infinite amount of money to spend and no time to create your own. To me, this seems again like a scam to make artist 'pay to be out there' when 99% of them will never be paid anything. Protected or not, no one pay for the Mona Lisa image anymore…

  • pokemon is giving digital cards in the packs now , could you sell your dig. card they give there to play with on line , you can sell the ones you buy in the pack !

  • MAN , i can't wait to delve deeper in this , i've seen a demonic scribble that it looked like a child turned loose with paint pallet and hastely made some lines and circles and blobs and splats and some elites from the dark side had a bidding war that ended at 1 and a half million , i can see where people show up to buy and the store is closing fast and they have to get something , they showed up and there not leaving empty handed, its done before they ever begin to think it thru , awesome ! That five to seven minute buying window is genius , how many times have people run the bid out on an auction item and loose the love for the item because the bidding out lived there impulse ! we have all done it !

  • Check out my recent crypto-themed NFT: https://rarible.com/token/0xd07dc4262bcdbf85190c01c996b4c06a461d2430:464567:0xd7aafa5435409cc0b13cdc91802c5289b8bdf172

  • Awesome content! NFFT will be a great way to showcase NFT’s. you should explore it!

  • Unless you have clout, wouldn't you likely be better off just buying some ETH and holding? Right now gas fees to initialize account to start listing NFTs on opensea is $100

  • Could you explain the gas fee in laymen terms? In simple words, do artists have to pay to upload their art to these sites? Thanks!

  • Is the %cut in perpetuity?

  • What program they're using to create this gif?

  • I think this might be the most exciting thing that has happened in humanity in my lifetime. I am excited to get involved! Thanks for the informative overview!

  • in a super simplified kind of way, you're essentially buying that license for that piece of art.

    I just have two questions.

    Let's say you purchase a cat licking cheese gif, if you see that same gif somewhere else can you copy strike it?

    Although this is kind of a weird question, do you think one day they'll be digital picture frames?
    (That way you don't have to go on your computer every time to view them)

  • Why don't you make your own coin on mintme? then we can all invest in you!

  • This is an excellent primer on what’s going on with digital art and NFTs, and what it means. Given today’s record-setting $69.3 MILLION sale of a piece of digital artwork, it’s safe to say it’s a mistake to dismiss outright irrespective of what you think of the prices paid. I love the concept for emerging artists as well, as a way to monetize what they are doing.

  • Check out ten hundreds recent video on this. As a artist I was super excited but this definitely has huge downsides and negative impacts

  • I don't have much talent for creating artwork like these shown in this video. What I do have talent for is music, photography, and creative writing. Is there any platform for me to create NFTs with that type of content instead of digital artwork? I find this concept interesting.

  • Is this legal? and what would happen if people were to sell stolen digital artworks?

  • Hi, Matt. Im art teacher, traditional, 2D and 3D artist, and animator. Post Graduate student in Visual Arts. I can make any style and any media. If I make a quality NTF art, Do you buy it from me?

  • Hey you ! Yes you ! Don't you even try to go on NFT's stores and try to sell stupid pictures / gifs you stole on internet 🙂

  • Hi, I am a photographer, can you put up photographs for sale?

  • Thanks for the video, would you recommend I start selling on Rarible as a beginner? How long does it take for people to buy your art?

  • NFT is a revolution for the art world. I wouldn't be surprise if projects like Insured Finance's IFNFT would fly to the moon. With expensive NFT assets, crypto insurance and vault would play a big role in this game.

  • will blog owners need to get permission from the crypto art owner to show case it on their website or write a blog post about it with a image of it… if so then how would they be able to keep up with constantly renewing that permission from one owner to the other.

  • Paying for the crypto currency to then get the chance of getting it bought doesn't seem appealing to me now but when I have the finances to take this risk I might do it.

  • Hi … thank you for your video. What are the acceptable formats for 3D animation NFTs. (mp4?) And what is the maximum file size? (Mb) What software can be used to make real 3d. Not just simple little animation.

  • Is it possible to sell as PHYSICAL COPY & DIGITAL together??

  • Can you sell let’s say a gaming montage?

  • If you buy a piece, can you download it or does it stay on the site?

  • I'm not much of a digital artist as of yet, but i take pretty artistic pictures with my camera, does this also count?

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